BTG hack for DayZ [ 1 day ]

$ 7.00

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Software from BTG (break the game) developers for DayZ

After payment you will receive:
Product download link
Activation key for the selected period.
Free support for the duration of the product subscription.



Player Skelet
Player Boxes
Player Lines
Player Name & Dist

Zombie skelet
Zombie boxes
Zombie lines
Name & Dist
Dead zombie
Dead Player
Draw Distance

Aim Bot
Aim Bot Bone
Aim Bot Button
FOV Size
Draw FOV

-Items Stettings [ESP]
[Loot] Clothing
[Loot] Magazines
[Loot] Weapon
[Loot] Medicines
[Loot] Food
[Loot] Cras
[Loot] Animals
[Loot] Other
Draw Distance


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