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Horizon for Dayz [30 days] – SmurfSofts – Private soft for popular online games


Horizon for Dayz [30 days]

$ 51.00

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  • Supports Windows : WIN10 (64bit)
  • Windows bilds : 2004,20H2,2009
  • Status Battleye : Undetected
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Horizon for DayZ



  • ——————Visuals————————————-
  • Enable Esp Box on Players : Turn on the highlighting of boxes for players
  • Enable Esp box on Zombies : Turn on the backlighting of boxes for zombies
  • Esp Loot : Turn on loot highlighting (also shows caches buried in the ground!)
  • Loot Distance : Setting the distance to loot
  • Esp Cars : Show cars
  • Esp Skeleton : Show player skeletons
  • Show Local Player Position : Show player coordinates
  • Show aim position : Show aimbot position
  • Enable Esp Distance : Show distance to players, loot, etc.
  • Enable show FOV : Show aimbot radius
  • ——————Aimbot————————————–
  • Enable Silent Aimbot : Enable silent aim!
  • Fov : Silent aim radius!
  • Aim on Players : Enable silent aim for players
  • Aim on Zombies : Enable silent aim on zombies
  • ——————Misc—————————————
  • Debag camera : Admin camera, map flight
  • Enable Speedhack : Character fast running
  • Panic Key : A button that will disable your cheat (helps to avoid admin checking)


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